Take Your Pineapples Out

The Take Your Pineapples Out campaign was founded by Gabbey after the suicide loss of her lifelong best friend and soulsista, Kyeema McIntyre. It sits underneath the Hope and Healing Social Work and Counselling banner and aims to raise awareness and start gentle conversations about the prickly subject of suicide. It also aims to break down the silence and stigma that surrounds the topic of suicide.

Take Your Pineapples Out is a social media based campaign and there are many different aspects to the campaign including an annual day to Take Your Pineapples Out that is held on the 3rd of May, individuals who participate are then encouraged to upload photos of their day to social media with the #takeyourpineapplesout to generate a wider conversation about suicide awareness and prevention. 

There is also the Random Acts of Ky-Ness initiative which is about choosing to do random acts of kindness for people using a pineapple themed item, this also helps to generate conversations about suicide prevention and awareness or allows individuals the opportunity to do kind things for people they think might be struggling. Take Your Pineapples Out Support packs are given out for free to residents of Australia to help with suicide prevention and awareness. The social media pages also regularly have quotes, mental wellness tips, and other topics to start gentle conversations about the prickly subject of suicide. 

To find out more about the Take Your Pineapples campaign check out the website or social media pages via the links on the Contact page: